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Auto loan with best condition

Auto loans without confirmation of incomes. Select the desired car and get a loan easily in the City Leasing.

Auto Loan - to buy new or used cars

If you are planning to buy a new car, but you do not have enough money, enjoy our auto loan and buy a car of a desirable make. The auto loan helps you to get the financing fast and buy the desired car. If your income is insufficient to make expensive purchases and you do not have the prospect of collecting the money, you can buy a car with auto loan now and pay tomorrow.

The auto loan for buying automobile is issued through a simplified procedure. You, without leaving home, can fill in the application form on our web-site. After approval of the auto loan, the vehicle is registered in the name of the Company, but  you can continue its driving. After you fully pay the amount, the car will return to your possession.

Auto loan terms and money-making process

Any physical person can use auto loans. No need to verify income, it is not necessary to have a positive credit history. The amount is issued under mortgage of the automobile. Loan can be taken in GEL.  Annual interest rate from 24%.

The interest rate of the auto loan depends upon the state of automobile, date of manufacturing, mileage (kilometrage) and other factors. After assessment of the cost of the car by an expert, an interest rate will be determined.

Advantages of the auto loan:

Since auto loans are provided by the property, creditors have minimum requirements. No employment certificate or other income document is required. As a rule, to receive other credits, you will have to submit some reverences that is connected with time wasting. Besides, if you don’t work you are limited in receiving of the credit. The loan under mortgage of the automobile will enable you to fill in an application form on the loan online and to receive the amount on the same day. Mortgage spread on the automobile will not limit you in its driving without any obstacles.

Which advantages has the auto loan?

  • You need only ID card;
  • You don’t need confirmation of incomes;
  • Filling in the application form without leaving home;
  • Making a resolution on approval of the credit within the shortest terms.

To receive an auto loan you should visit our web-site, fill in the application form. Use the calculator of the autocredit and calculate your expenditures in advance. You can receive a necessary amount in the same day, and will drive your car without any obstacles. Do not refuse to yourself in comfortable driving, making your dream true today and pay the amount tomorrow.